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I hear good things about Oliver’s piece on this - I look forward to being able to see it on my side of the digital ocean.

I caught it on a youtube feed which has since been taken down. Astounding stuff.

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Consider these ten chilling stories. If the anecdotal evidence is any indication, use of military machinery such as tanks and grenades, as well as counter-terrorism tactics, encourage overly aggressive policing – too often with devastating consequences:

all 10 links and articles  here


KUNG FURY Official Trailer [HD]

Oh my God. You will not believe how full of awesome this is. This is the story of a Kung Fu Renegade Cop who must defeat the the most evil kung fu master in the world.

That’s right, Adolph Hitler

Other totally awesome things you will see in this

The Nintendo Power Glove used to hack backwards in time
Viking Women with Uzis
20 ft tall Thor
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Skate boards
An arcade game shooting guns

I believe it may just be the motion picture event of your life.